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About Us

About CKKCKK Retail Mart Ltd

CKK Retail Mart  has the Expertise of the New-Generation and the Organic touch for your right approach towards Health and Nutrition!

The Next Gen of this highly driven family brings in their vivacious energy and innovative ideas to work towards a more ambitious goal.
Their aspiration to make healthy living a lifestyle has taken shape in the form of CKK Retail Mart.
CKK Retail Mart adopts a farm-to-fork approach to bring pure, hygienic, nutritious food products to every table.

We at CKK strive to help our consumers lead a healthy lifestyle by offering them a range of organic and earthy products.
Along the journey, we hope to enrich the lives of our ‘Kisaans and consumers alike!

Spreading more than a Million Smiles Enriching a Zillion Lives!

Our Core Values


"Our mission is to ensure our customers experience the Taste of our Tradition and Culture through nutritious, organic, and scrumptious food that is bustling with nature’s earthiness and wholesomeness."


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