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Fizzz Up Blue Berry

Witness the sweetness and the tangy flavor of Blueberries this season!

Fizzz Up Blueberry is bound to take you into a refreshing swirl of freshness and into a symphony of sweetness & tanginess, perfect for a cool, fruity and fresh vibe!

Fizzz Up Green Apple

Green Apple is crisp & refreshing, a perfect drink for All Seasons!

Crisp, bubbly & bustling with the goodness of  green apple to keep yourself feeling fresh! Your ultimate green light for good vibes!

Fizzz Up Jeera Masala Soda

A Mood enhancer, a game changer and our Favorite, Fizzz Up Jeera Masala is the perfect drink to smoothen all your digestion woes with a Desi Mix!

In Summers, digestion is a most common problem, and our Jeera Masala drink helps a lot!

Fizzz Up Jeera has the  perfect blend of jeera and soda, which makes it more rejuvenating and refreshing!

A perfect drink to enjoy All Seasons!

Fizzz Up Lemon

The Invigorating properties of Natural Lemon and the goodness of natural ingredients make Fizzz Up Lemon an instant Mood Changer.

A sure shot way to recharge yourself!

Bubblier and tangier, this drink is a lip-smacking explosion of taste that’ll refresh you like no other drink can.

Fizzz Up Orange

A nice, cold orange soda can be a nostalgic treat that sparks a memory of childhood, or it can just be a refreshing drink on a warm day.

Fizzz Up Orange makes you swoon into the Citrusy world of Orange and relish summers in the most refreshing way!

Choice of trustWhy Choose Jivanam Lentils?

Low in fat/ Aids weight loss

Provides Iron and folate.

Rich in nutrients like protein
and fibre

Vegan Source of protein


1. Are Fizzy drinks and carbonated drinks too sugary?

Fizzy drinks contain sugar in specified percentages and are used for adding a sweet flavor to the drink.
They are not too sugary and sugar is an essential ingredient for processing the drinks.

2. Are Fizzy Drinks harmful for me?

Well, all carbonated drinks have sugar, sweeteners, chemicals, calories and also certain nutritive elements. Fizzy drinks also are an instant energy booster and a source of iron and calcium for the body.

3. Does Fizz Up contain caffeine?

Fizzz Up does not contain caffeine and its doses. Our drink is made with the best of ingredients and formulations and serves in providing an instant source of energy and an impeccable taste.

4. How should I store my Fizz Up?

No, diabetics mustn’t consume brown sugar daily. Despite being superior to white sugar in several aspects, it can still be harmful for diabetics. Though, occasionally consuming brown sugar won’t do much harm.

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