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Brew your morning coffee the braunz way!

The distinctive rich flavour of Braunz not only enriches your coffee experience, but your favourite Indian sweets too. A spoonful of Braunz is an ideal dose of energy for you to deal with all your daily fuss. Its extra punch of earthy flavour will keep your sass up all day so that you keep slaying elegantly and graciously everyday. Get your pack of braunz today ! 

Choice of trustWhy Choose Jivanam Lentils?

Low in fat/ Aids weight loss

Provides Iron and folate.

Rich in nutrients like protein
and fibre

Vegan Source of protein


1. How is brown sugar different from white sugar? ?

Brown sugar is quite similar to white sugar, but contains varying amounts of molasses. The added molasses lowers the overall glycemic index of sugar, thus making brown sugar a healthy alternative to conventional white sugar any given day.

2. Does brown sugar really help in weight loss?

One teaspoon of brown sugar is said to contain less calories than white sugar. So, brown sugar may help in weight loss as long as it is consumed in moderate amounts and supplemented with 15-20 minutes off vigorous activity daily.

3. Is it okay to consume brown sugar everyday?

Yes, you can replace white sugar with brown sugar in your everyday preps. Also, its rich mineral profile makes you less prone to illnesses caused due to lack of minerals in the body.

4. Is brown sugar any safer than white sugar for diabetics?

No, diabetics mustn’t consume brown sugar daily. Despite being superior to white sugar in several aspects, it can still be harmful for diabetics. Though, occasionally consuming brown sugar won’t do much harm.

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