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What does Jivanam stand for?As they say, Mothers know what is best for their children.

Similarly, Mother Nature, too, knows what is best for our health and produces the most nutritious food for us. These gifts of nature have been claimed to be the ultimate source of energy to our life or “Jiva” by our Vedas.

Conforming to the ancient bits of wisdom, we believe that it is only by consuming these invaluable gifts of mother nature are we going to be truly healthy and grow holistically. Thus, Jivanam is a brand with its roots deeply embedded in Indian culture. We curate the best of nature’s offerings for you to experience the real taste of nature and our culture.

Choice of trustEssence of Jivanam

Promotes Holistic Development

We curate the best of nature’s offerings for your overall well-being.


Jivanam as a Brand is a sustainable choice and we belive in giving back to our society and environment

Hygienically Packed

We adhere to the highest standards of hygiene so that our products are intact from any contaminants.

Bringing forth the Goodness of Mother Earth to our Homes!

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