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Jivanam Rice

Ambe Mohar 

From the lands once reigned by the great peshwas of the Maratha empire, Ambe Mohar is a short grain rice with a rich aroma that is sure to captivate your senses like no other. Cultivated in the breezy foothills of western ghats, this quick to cook rice variety is an ideal choice if you were to whip up a rice dish at a moment’s notice

Kolam Rice

Indian dishes made using Kolam rice are as beautifully aesthetic and eye-pleasing as its namesake form of rangoli. Oozing with floral fragrance, this easy-to-digest medium grain variety is light on the gut yet provides equal dose of energy as any other rice variety. Low on glycemic index, it is an excellent choice for diabetics and healthconscious eaters.


A long grain descendent of Ambe Mohar, Indrayani is as delightfully aromatic as its parent variety. Packed with fiber, it regulates bowel movement leading to a healthy gut and smooth digestive tract. Besides, Jivanam’s hygienic packaging ensures that you relish the pure and authentic taste of this decades-old rice variety native to the land of Maharashtra.

Choice of trustWhy Choose Jivanam Lentils?

Low in fat/ Aids weight loss

Provides Iron and folate.

Rich in nutrients like protein
and fibre

Vegan Source of protein


1. Is it okay to eat rice during weight loss?

Rice, like wheat, is a rich source of carbohydrates. It is absolutely fine to have rice while you are on a weight loss regime as long as it is consumed in moderation and supplemented with 15-20 min of rigorous physical activity.

2. Are rotis healthier than rice?

Rotis and rice are both a rich source of carbohydrates and make our meals wholesome. By no means one is superior to the other. One can choose either of them based on his preference unless advised otherwise. 

3. What time of the day is ideal for eating rice?

Many nutritionists are of the opinion that consuming carbohydrate-rich foods after sunset could lead to obesity and indigestion. Therefore, one must consume rice before sunset, ideally in the afternoon during lunch.

4. What would happen if rice is completely eliminated from the diet?

If one has been a regular consumer of rice, then stopping to eat rice abruptly may cause fatigue. It may also deprive your body of essential minerals and vitamins.

5. What is the difference between long grain, medium grain and short grain rice varieties?

Besides being different in size as the name suggests, these varieties differ in terms of degree of stickiness once cooked. Long grains, when cooked, are separate, light, and fluffy. While medium and short grains are moist, tender, and sticky.

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