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Jaggery Cubes

Jaggery cubes

Bella in Kannada, Bellam in Telugu, Sharkara in Malayalam, and Gud in Hindi. The 6000 year old, dark hued, and nutritious sweetener is a powerhouse of micronutrients, which makes it the star ingredient of every Indian household. It is also one of the most important ingredients used in several ayurvedic concoctions. Its rich flavour profile makes it one of the top healthier alternatives to chemical-laden white sugar. Looking for a healthier alternative to white sugar? Well, nothing can be more nutritious and healthy than jaggery.

Choice of trustWhy Choose Jivanam Lentils?

Low in fat/ Aids weight loss

Provides Iron and folate.

Rich in nutrients like protein
and fibre

Vegan Source of protein


1. Does jaggery help in weight loss?

To be honest, replacing normal sugar with jaggery alone won’t be enough for you to lose weight. You must be on a calorie deficit diet if you really wish to shed some weight. However, jaggery being rich in vital nutrients is for sure a better alternative to normal sugar.

2. Can jaggery be consumed in all seasons?

Yes, jaggery is well suited for all seasons. The hot potency of jaggery helps to open up constricted blood vessels during winters. On the other hand, a concoction of jaggery and water acts as a coolant and is a perfect drink of scorching heat during summertime.

3. How to determine the purity of jaggery? 

The color of jaggery is an indication of its purity. Dark brown color is a hallmark of purity while all other colors indicate some degree of adulteration.

4. Can diabetics eat jaggery? 

Jaggery has a relatively high glycemic index which means it raises blood sugar levels faster than other sweeteners having low GI. Therefore, diabetics, who are sensitive to blood sugar fluctuations, must stay away from it.

5. How much jaggery should one consume each day?

It is recommended that one should consume 10 gms of jaggery every day. Every 10 gms contains 16 mg of minerals which is equivalent to 4% of daily mineral requirement.

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