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Daily Essentials

Daily Essentials

Toor Dal

A slice of life in every bite!

A staple companion to rotis and rice in every Indian household, Toor Dal is a versatile lentil that makes every meal whole and complete. Every little nugget of this lentil nourishes your body with essential nutrients in order to strengthen your immunity. Jivanam’s hygienic packaging ensures that this nutritious dal remains intact from any contaminants and serves a clean meal experience every time.

Chana Dal

Powerhouse of Protein

All hail to the rockstar among all the lentils- Chana Dal. It is probably every Indian household’s favorite as it is used in various Indian dishes. On the nutritional front, Chana dal is one of the leanest protein sources out there, charging up every cell of your body with enough energy to keep you moving all day.

Moong Dal

Live life to the fullest

An ideal source of protein every health freak swears by, Moong dal has the highest protein content among all the lentils. This magical yellow lentil has a low glycemic index, fights off bad cholesterol, reduces the risk of heart ailments, and last but not least, aids weight loss. I guess you have all the reasons to not resist it anymore.

Masoor Dal

A tasty companion to your health!

This superfood contains all the vital nutrients required by the body. Its mesmerizing aroma and earthy flavor make it a popular contender for many delectable dishes. And you know what, a bowl of masoor dal with a dollop of butter floating on it along with a hot roti is nothing short of bliss.

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