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Braunz your way to fitness

As India celebrates its 75th year of independence, we can only wonder how far the nation has grown since 1947.
From being a country that was having a hard time grappling with the scars of partition inflicted by the imperialist forces to being one of the trillion dollar economies and sharing the stage with global honchos.
Indeed, we as a country have succeeded in laying a glorious trail behind us.
What’s fascinating is that we have just begun. The economists around the world are going ga-ga over India’s future prospects. And not just academicians, the sharks of the investing world,too, are betting big on India’s robust economic engine.
Some of them have even predicted that India might lead the world in every category by 2030.
Now, if there are so many people being optimistic about India’s future, then there has to be some rationale behind their unflinching belief, right?
Well, there’s no one factor that can be attributed for this exuding positivity. There are several factors at play here.
However, the country’s demographic dividend is apparently the most influential factor of all.
What’s the demographic dividend?
Simply put, it classifies the total population into two groups, that is working class (independent) and non-working class (dependent).
And the thumb rule is: higher the percentage of the working class, the better are the chances of higher economic growth.
In the case of India, this percentage turns out to be more than 50%.
However, more people in the working class doesn’t always guarantee higher economic growth, especially if the citizens aren’t healthy enough.
As far as India is concerned, it ranks 103rd on the list of healthiest countries in the world.
Well, that is certainly not something worth boasting about, is it?
Besides, numerous studies have been conducted showcasing a positive correlation between the country’s economic development and the health of its citizens.
As per the WHO estimates, a 10-year increase in life expectancy may lead to an increase of 0.4% in a country’s GDP per annum.
So, in a nutshell, you are the future of this country and your health is key to India’s prominence in the global economy.
And, not only does your health matter to the nation’s growth, but it is also instrumental for your personal growth as well.
Isn’t that obvious? Do you ever feel excited about doing anything when you are under the weather? No, right.
Well, that tells you that your productivity is directly proportional to your health.
So, it is your foremost duty to keep yourself healthy and not be complacent on that front.
If you have been making unhealthy choices all these times, don’t beat yourself up; start afresh.
Just chuck your bad habits and start making some smart choices.
I know, I know, bad habits are hard to let go, but you could always start with the easiest one.
And, what is it?
Replace white sugar with brown sugar in your everyday preparations.
Why’d you ask?
Well, the benefits of it are countless.
Unlike white sugar, brown sugar contains molasses, which is rich in minerals and reduces the risk of any mineral deficiency.
The added molasses makes your everyday preparation a lot tastier.
Any bakers in the house? Well, brown sugar will keep your baked goods moist for longer.
What’s more?
It is a natural skin exfoliator and makes up for a great addition in your face masks.
Also, it helps in relieving painful menstrual cramps.
Well, the start towards a healthy you doesn’t seem like a bad start at all, does it?
Infact, it looks delicious and enticing, isn’t it? .
So what are you waiting for?
Start right away, because as they say everything looks tough until you start.

Until next time,
Stay sugarlicious!

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