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Psst! Sweets can be healthy too

The festive season has arrived or should we say it has been there already?
Because the festive spirit in India doesn’t have downtime. Thanks to its diverse culture, the country celebrates different festivals around the year, which keeps the festive spirit up and roaring. And if there is one thing synonymous with festivals, it is none other than sweets.
We think of festivals and we can’t keep our calm to lay our hands on our favorite sweets. But, all this excitement comes along with a caveat!

Along with the excitement comes fear too! Well, you may or may not admit it, but we all feel this fear. The rattling fear of adding those extra kgs around your belly that you have worked so hard to maintain. Well, one option to eliminate this fear from your heart is to quit sweets completely. Sounds unrealistic, doesn’t it? Well, it is. How many people will you say not to? How will you say no to your grandparents?
How will you say no to this gullible heart that gets swayed away by every sweet thing out there?

The truth is YOU CAN’T. And even if you can, YOU SHOULDN’T
The sweet taste is one of the six tastes discussed at length in the prominent ayurvedic texts and has been accorded the highest rank among all. The benefits of sweet taste are countless! When consumed in moderate amounts, it nourishes and enhances your immunity and improves life longevity. So, cheer up guys, you’ve got Ayurveda supporting your sweet indulgence.
I know, I know, you are still worried about those calories?

Well, truth be told, you will have to keep a check on your consumption and ensure you break a sweat in the gym to stay in shape.
On top of that, a small change can bump the health factor of your sweets a notch higher. What’s that?
Replace your normal sugar with the sulphur free one in all your sweets. You would be wondering why you’d be doing that?

For starters, raw sugar straight out of the mill is full of contaminants and impurities.
It needs to be cleaned first for it to be palatable. And it seems sulphur is every manufacturer’s favorite for this very purpose.
Although sulphur is the favorite kid on the block, it’s notorious too. Sulphur and asthmatic people are arch-enemies.
Also, the byproducts of sulphur formed during the process aren’t environmentally friendly.

Now, you can see for yourself how bad Sulphur’s company could be.
Sulphur free sugar, on the other hand, is cleaned using phosphorus and its derivatives, which makes it a healthier alternative and environment friendly too. So, get yourself sulphur free sugar and ward off your health worries once and for all.
And to save you some hassle, we have the right sugar for you in store.

Introducing Sugarm Blue from the house of CKK.
Sugarm Blue packs nature’s goodness that melts seamlessly in your sweets and hearts alike, making your moments sweeter and more memorable. Shubharambh this festive season with Sugarm.
So, what are you waiting for? Order your Sugarm now and have a healthy and tasty festive season.

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